WordPress FAQ

WordPress FAQ

Why use us? Why not just do it yourself? Have questions? Get your answers below

Who is this for
Anyone who isn’t a WordPress expert but wants a WordPress site that is secure, optimized and installed correctly. The best way to look professional and/or have a great looking Blogging, Marketing or Business site is to have a WordPress site with your own custom domain/url. Those blogging sites with generic domains are not good enough. We can help kick start your site’s journey and put it on the right path.

Why you need us
WordPress seems to be easy to install and use, however if not done correctly and the proper steps & processes are not taken, it is just a matter of “when” and not “if” your site will be hacked. In addition, your site will not be optimized or operate as fast as it should on the standard “default” install.

What we actually do
We make sure your server is setup correctly.
We ensure that your WordPress site is installed properly.
We install several security plugins to help protect your site.
We will install your WordPress template/theme for you.
We take other security measures to help defend your site against people set out to do your site harm.
We make sure that the settings for your site are correct and the configuration is perfect for what you need.
We install a Search Engine Optimization plugin to get your site seen by Google & other search engines.
We install a video plugin that allows you to play videos on your site.
We install a contact form plugin that allows your customers to email you from the site.
We setup a Site Backup system so your site can be restored in case the worst happens.
We can setup your emails on your server and show you how to connect to the email server.
We make recommendations and/or provide tips to help you with your WordPress site.
We can educate you on the proper host / server to use… not all servers are equal!

*If you are moving your wordpress site from one host/server to another one – we can perform all of the above for you as well and transfer your WordPress site!

One KEY note to Remember – to have a great running WordPress website, you need a specific type of server (Apache) with a reliable company. We recommend Rochen, Host Gator or Bluehost. The server for your WordPress hosting needs to be running the current version of PHP and MySQL to work properly. Do not pick a Windows based server. Our servers along with Rochen’s, Host Gator and Bluehost’s Servers run WordPress well. You can buy server space from these companies typically at $10 or less a month. Although we can work with any server compatible with WordPress, we wouldn’t recommend GoDaddy or Network Solutions to host your WordPress site. However, we do recommend GoDaddy to register your domain. If you do have Godaddy, Network Solutions or one of these less than ideal hosting solutions – then you REALLY need to hire us to make sure it’s done right.

Custom WordPress Design Services
Design services are not included for our base install services but we can build a complete and custom WordPress website for you. We also offer hosting services and can do that for you as well. Check out our WordPress Development and Design Website

Need More?
Let us know as we can do anything and everything with WordPress. We provide custom WordPress solutions for our clients all the time.

The Bottom line
We are a very affordable solution to ensure that your site is secure, optimized and installed properly.
With a low price starting at $47 – the peace of mind and performance that we bring can’t be beat!

What Next?
If you need more, such as Custom WordPress solutions, advanced WordPress installations and more – we can do that as well. Contact us for more information and an affordable quote.

If you want a WordPress site, don’t waste hours of your time trying to sort it all out… have it done right the first time – Hire us Today!