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Why waste time and energy trying to install & optimize your WordPress site and still have it under-perform and susceptible to hackers?

We are a 5 Star Rated Website Design & Development company that specializes in WordPress & Joomla projects.

We are WordPress Experts and our US based company is called WebWorx Technology. We develop, design and install WordPress sites all of the time and have hundreds of satisfied clients from all over the world.

We noticed that a lot of clients came to us after failing at installing and developing a WordPress site on their own. They thought it would be easy to install a WordPress site and after many hours of frustration – they finally gave up and came to us. Many of our clients came to us as their WordPress solution after having their self-installed WP website hacked, had too many errors or it ran way too slow and their site needed a life raft.

We developed WordPressInstallPro.com to reach out to those people who want a great WordPress site but just need the initial help and guidance. WordPress is a great platform to use and is easy to manage once the site is installed but it can be tricky to install properly.

Most WordPress sites use just the default install procedures which is severely lacking in security and optimization. It seems easy to do… just a couple of buttons to push and BOOM – the site is up… however, behind the scenes is a site that isn’t secure and needs a tune up badly. WordPress make the install process as generic as possible so it’s easy for the “masses” and compatible with most servers but that ease of use puts your site at risk for bad performance and bad people.

For a low price, we can install your WordPress site as well as ensure it’s optimized properly and the settings are correct. Check out all that we offer for an affordable price – WordPress Install Services. We also can do WordPress site transfers and WordPress hosting as well.

If you need more, such as Custom WordPress solutions, advanced WordPress installations, complex WordPress theme/template installs, help with plugin installations and more – we can do that too. Contact us for more information and to receive an affordable quote.

If you want a WordPress site, don’t waste hours of your time trying to sort it all out… have it done right the first time – Hire us Today!